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Washington D.C. and Getting to Know New York

posted by Kristen Dalton at 10:02am on 05/05/2009

Hello everyone! I had such a wonderful weekend and beginning of the week that I wanted to tell you all about it! Friday, I visited the Pentagon where I spoke to a crowd of many different branches of the military about the importance of motorcycle safety while on and off duty. Motorcycling is a popular hobby among service men and women and it is important that they ride safe while in their homeland as their friends, family, and country are depending on them. I also had the opportunity to take a tour of the Pentagon and visited the 9/11 memorial which was incredibly moving. Shawn McClain, who is the Business Development Manager for MUO, traveled with me and he is hilarious! We both have a sincere love of food, so needless to say we were quite compatible as we both scouted for sustenance every two hours!
Saturday, I had a day off so Stevi and I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, getting manicures and pedicures, and taking my first trip to Soho! Thank goodness I had her assisting me in my first experience with the subway, she helped me buy my metro card and explained all the lines to me and the difference between Uptown/Queens and Downtown/Brooklyn. We went to dinner at a fabulous Mexican restaurant called Dos Caminos, where we happened to run into Paula and some her friends, so we joined their table for some Spanish conversation as she had friends visiting from Mexico! Then we all went shopping afterwards in a store called Runway, which is a fine women's boutique, so much fun!
Monday, I had my first meeting with Gilda's Club, which is a non-profit organization that provides support for women, men and children with all types of cancer. I will be working closely with them to raise money for their efforts and volunteering in their clubhouse. I had the evening off, so Stevi and I worked out at our state of the art gym and got Jamba Juice smoothies afterwards, yummy!
Today, I had a meeting with Jack Newman, the Director of Outreach and Development for the New York Film Academy. He made sure that a dozen donuts and coffee were included in our meeting as we discussed plans for acting classes and career goals. He even showered me with gifts of a messenger bag, jacket, hat, and two t-shirts all sporting NYFA insignia. AND about 15 minutes ago, I was surprised with an INCREDIBLE gift from Diamond Nexus Labs, including my signature Miss USA ring with a pink stone centerpiece symbolizing the fight to find a cure for breast cancer and another ring called "Unforgettable," which is bejeweled with three rows 25 diamonds!!! WOW, can we say, I will definitely be replacing my every day rings with these!!
Thank you so much to everyone who supports the MUO organization, it truly is a wonderful program that can make a difference in women's lives.
Until next time,

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