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My Tour of Terror in Las Vegas

posted by Crystle Stewart at 10:56am on 04/12/2009

I have had a great time in Vegas so far. As part of my tour of terror in Las Vegas, I have been doing a lot of things that I have been afraid of doing my entire life. A sort of broadening of horizons, I figured what better time to face my fears than in Las Vegas. What sticks out the most is ziplining through the mountains and driving a Nascar race car. I was so terrified to go ziplining at first, but after an hour of saying NO I finally gave in. There were four ziplines. The first was great. It felt like I was flying. But the second one....oh my gosh... I got stuck in the middle of the zipline. I was dangling between two mountains. I was proud of myself because I kept my cool and I did not freak out. The tour guides were so professional they got me back safe and sound. The other two lines were a breeze. I would totally recommend anyone to go ziplining, it was an awesome experience.

The Nascar driving experience was great as well. When I got there I was so ready to be a speed racer until they asked me if I could drive a stick shift. I replied, "uuumm No." So they had to teach me how to drive a stick shift before getting on the race tracks. Well, I actually caught on fairly quickly, and I was on the tracks in no time. Did I mention I was driving alone... Well, I ended up going 130 miles an hour which was considered fast for a rookie that did not know how to drive a stick shift. I had a blast! The presentation show is coming up this Monday and I am thrilled! The girls this year look great, every single one of them are beautiful. It is going to be a tough competition. Make sure you guys tune in and go to NBC.com in the following days after the show. I am off to another event. Until next time....    Xoxo Crystle

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