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USO Trip to Spain and Portugal

posted by Rima Fakih at 01:56pm on 06/17/2011

I had the privilege of traveling to Spain and Portugal to visit our brave troops and their families. As Miss USA I attend many events throughout my reign, wearing the respected Miss USA sash. Wearing my sash during my visit with our troops was truly an honor. Our troops whole-heartedly dedicate and sacrifice so much for our country. Because of them, we can proudly live in the free country that is the USA!

I had a blast touring two different cities in Portugal and Spain. Kamie and I celebrated Memorial Day with the troops and their families. Who knew we could have an all American BBQ in Portugal? I was also amazed at the amount of WWE “Tough Enough” fans that showed up on base to visit me. It was all really exciting!

I cannot imagine a better trip to take as I approach the end of my reign.


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