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My Exciting Tour to Egypt

posted by Rima Fakih at 08:25am on 10/12/2010

I have to admit that often times my life as Miss USA feels like a dream. One day I'll be in NYC, and 12 hours later I am landing in Cairo, Egypt! The people were so welcoming and kind. I couldn't believe the view from my hotel room balcony overlooking the Nile. It was breathtaking.

I began my first trip with a visit to the Orman Orphanage where I visited with children living with cancer. I also had a press conference where I spoke with over 30 different press representatives about my work with the American Chamber of Commerce, and my activities while in Cairo. I'm happy to have had the chance to show off some of my Arabic, and I am so lucky to have gotten this opportunity.

Egypt is beautiful and exploring the city of Cairo is such an adventure. I can't explain the emotions running through me as I approached the Giza Pyramids, or toured the famous Egyptian Museum. I have always been a big fan of ancient Egyptian history, and have admired Queen Cleopatra since I was a child. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I capped off my visit with an important appearance at the "Down the Road to Goodwill" conference hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. I served as a keynote speaker where I spoke about my work as Miss USA and how thrilled I am to be serving as a goodwill ambassador for my country. It was an incredible honor to meet former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, who also spoke at the conference. It was inspiring to hear his words about our goals as Americans to making the world a better place.

I returned to USA for one day, then it was off to Washington DC for the USO Gala, which was amazing. It reminded me of the importance to support our troops.

Well now I'm off to prepare for my trip to Qatar...how exciting!!

Until next week,
Xoxo Rima

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