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Journey to the Crown

posted by Rima Fakih at 12:38pm on 08/14/2010

This is a very important and exciting time in my life for so many reasons. I have the honor of representing the USA in the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant. I am living my dream of competing in the Pageant with 82 of the most beautiful women in the world. I have been working out hard, watching past Miss Universe pageants, and taking notes in preparation for my arrival at Mandalay Bay on August 7th. The Miss USA Pageant helped me prepare for what lies ahead, and has provided great insight on what I can expect at Miss Universe. However Miss USA had 51 contestants and Miss Universe has 80+ contestants from all over the world.  I try not to think about the pressure and instead concentrate on how I can reach the top. The last two weeks I have meet with my personal trainer, my walking coach, and my language coach who have all assisted in preparing my mind and body for the pageant.

I know this can be a challenging time for the contestants but we must not forget to have fun! Yes, we are constantly being judged but being yourself is the best way to impress the judges. The Miss Universe Organization has planned some exciting appearances and events, and I can’t wait to arrive in Las Vegas to have it all begin!
I encourage all of you to continue to support me in my quest for the Universe crown. Be sure to keep up with our news at www.missuniverse.com and let me know how I’m doing! Help me welcome the 80+ beauties coming to my home country. Let’s show them what American is all about. Help cheer me on like it's the world cup....USA...USA...USA :)

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