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Michigan Homecoming!

posted by Rima Fakih at 10:14am on 07/16/2010

Good morning,

I have been trying for weeks to keep quiet about my costume. I found myself telling my close friends and my mother, but I still want it to be a surprise. Therefore, all of you who love me and support Miss USA have to watch the Miss Universe pageant and keep up with our news so you can see my big costume surprise on August 23. I was so sick earlier this week and I refused to stay at home in bed the day I was scheduled for another fitting – I was too excited to see the costume.

I have to so much to tell all of you, this past week I got to finally go home to Dearborn, Michigan. Ok, let me sum it up... I got to see my family, have my cheeks pinched by all of my aunts, hear my friends scream when they saw me and do tons of interviews with local TV stations and newspapers (where I even made the front page news!). The highlight of my homecoming has to be the party. Growing up, I always wanted a big birthday party or a Sweet 16 that everyone would talk about, but that dream finally came true July 9 thanks to my amazing director, Melissa. I also had the honor of announcing the Miss Michigan USA pageant, where I will be crowning the next queen on September 11 in Ann Arbor.


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