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Packing My Apartment

posted by Kristen Dalton at 12:34pm on 04/19/2010

Hi Everyone,

I am not really in the mood to sit in front of a computer right now, because I am in Tampa and the weather is gorgeous and I want to be outside!  In my video blog this week, I talk about everything cool going on in my life, so right now I'll talk about packing.  My mom came to help me pack this week and we basically got everything done in 2 days.  I couldn't believe how much I had accumulated over the year.  When I first moved in my room was always clean and perfectly organized - there was a place for everything. Halfway through the year, clothes began bursting out of drawers, my closet was a mess and my room always looked ransacked because everything I had wouldn't fit where it was supposed to go.  I still have some loose ends to tie up that my mom says will take a few more hours… grrr. I’ve realized in the last week that I have no focus or attention span when it comes to packing...not only is it boring and a lot of work, it also makes me sad because I don't want to leave.  Whoever the next Miss USA is, you will love your room and your apartment, and pretty much your life.  It is the absolute best year ever!  I hope and pray I recognize God’s plan for my life after my reign soon, because I don't know where I am going to live or what I am going to do – it’s very scary.  I hope all of you reading this blog have dreams and goals, and have devised a plan on how to get there.  You have to make things in your life happen, don't wait for them to happen to you.

Peace and Joy,

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