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Hitting Broadway and the Red Carpet!

posted by Kristen Dalton at 01:31pm on 03/19/2010

I got to go see the Broadway show, Rock of Ages last night with Stormi and it was unbelievably entertaining and hilarious! The talent was so impressive and I don't know if you guys knew this, but the show stars Constantine Maroulis from American Idol, who was on the same season as Carrie Underwood. He is so lovable and endearing in the show, with a booming voice and an amazing range. We got to go backstage during intermission and meet the cast and take pictures.
I was super excited to be able to attend the movie premiere of The Bounty Hunter at the Ziegfield Theatre.  The movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. As I was walking the red carpet, I looked behind me and noticed that both Jennifer and Gerard were right behind me, whaatt! When does that ever happen in a lifetime?! They were both so stunning in person.  I couldn't get a picture with them though because their entourage was so numerous.

Probably, the highlight of my week was attending the coronation of the newest Disney princess, Tiana, who stars in "Princess and the Frog." She is the first African-American princess, which makes Disney history! I got to meet Nigel Barker, Tina Fey and the writers and directors of several Disney princess movies! Check out my photos!
This weekend I get to travel back home to NC for a Snowflake Ball, which is raising money for their free clinic in Reidsville. I can't wait to be surrounded by charming Southern hospitality again!
I am off to an interview at MSNBC now, so I will get back to you guys later!

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