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Flying into March …Literally!!

posted by Kristen Dalton at 02:11pm on 03/05/2010

Hola todos!

This week I got to do a few cool events. I went to Vegas and stayed at the beloved Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino and did some fun promotional events for the venue and Vegas leading up to the Miss USA pageant. Vegas really is such a wonderful city to host the Miss USA pageant with so much to do and such kind, welcoming people. I can't wait to go back for 3 weeks in May woohoo! On Wednesday Stef, Stormi and I took a flying trapeze lesson at the NY Trapeze School and it was SO exhilarating. It is a very athletic sport and it definitely showed my weaknesses. It was so fun though! I felt like Peter Pan flying through the air and trying different tricks. Thursday I traveled to Albany to speak at the NY Legislature about the importance of maintaining the budget for cancer screenings. I got to help lobby a bit in the Senate as well and I loved it! The cause seemed to draw a positive response so hopefully the visit helped to make a difference. On Friday I got to be on Fox News Strategy Room with co-host Harris Faulkner. She was so impressive and a very engaging host. We discussed health, fitness, beauty tips, and charitable work throughout the year. It was probably the most enjoyable and comfortable interview I have ever had. Hopefully I can learn from Harris and be as great as she is one day.

I hope everyone is keeping the people of Chile, Taiwan, and Haiti in their thoughts and prayers. Have a great and safe weekend!


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