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Work with Same Sky and My First Big TV Hosting Audition!

posted by Kristen Dalton at 07:55am on 02/22/2010

There were a few highlights to this past week like meeting the Rwandan Ambassador to the UN and the Founder of Same Sky, getting a free massage and pedicure at the Townhouse Beauty Bar, and auditioning for my first big TV hosting gig!
I am so excited about our partnership with Same Sky, which provides the opportunity for Rwandan women with HIV/AIDS to be financially independent, because it truly is about women empowerment and women helping other women. This platform is what me and Stefania's job is all about and we are both pretty serious about it, so we can't wait to do what we can to promote and expand Same Sky. We met with Francine LeFrak, the founder of the business, and the Rwandan Ambassador to the UN on Thursday and it was such an inspiring meeting. It was one of those times that when you leave, you feel like you can do anything and change the world.  Thankfully, this desire will be cultivated by a women's empowerment summit at the UN on Monday.
My first big TV audition was on Friday and I was seriously on cloud 9 doing everything I could to prepare and feel confident. I studied my script, practiced in the mirror, and memorized it. The night before the audition, I was feeling so sick all night because I had so many butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't believe that finally I was getting a chance to audition for a hosting job, which is what I want to do! I put so much pressure on this one shot that I woke up feeling nauseous and had to try to sleep and shower it off. I ended up feeling great about the audition, so we will see what happens. If you hear more updates on it, then I actually did do well and if you don't, then clearly I didn't.
Stef is leaving to go to Puerto Rico this week so I am very sad and will be lonely while she is gone. 
Have a splendid week!

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