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Living like a Princess!

posted by Kristen Dalton at 10:44am on 02/12/2010

The Viennese Opera Ball was absolutely magical! It was something I had never experienced anything like before. It was a very international event with UN Ambassadors present and debutantes from Europe and NYC. Everyone was dressed in gorgeous ball gowns and knew how to waltz. I felt like I was living in a Disney princess movie because I even had a prince charming as my escort! There was a ballet, an orchestra, and an opera...I could not have felt more culturally enriched in the performing arts in one night!
Tuesday, I had my first big TV hosting gig that celebrated the 30 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between the US and China. I practiced my script as much as possible and did a lot of research on our relationship history in terms of politics and economics. It was such a beautiful production with an array of Chinese and American iconic performers, interviews with Jimmy Carter and Henry Kissinger, and the show will be aired during the Chinese New Year of the Tiger and available to 1 billion viewers!!
This weekend is fashion week but all I really want to do is sleep because it is my favorite thing to do when I am not working...other than eating or going to a movie!
I hope all of you get rest this weekend and get rejuvenated for next week! :-)

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