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Pensacola trip to raise money for ARC Gateway!

posted by Kristen Dalton at 02:35pm on 12/04/2009

Hello everyone!
I had another warm and fuzzy week because I got to travel to Pensacola, Florida! I was so excited to get away from this cold and gloomy weather in NYC and enter into the Sunshine state, but nooo it was rainy and cold there too!! It was all good though because when you are in good company, you can have any kind of weather.
Esther, Tom, our videographer, and I were there to help raise money for ARC Gateway, which is a charity that is dedicated to opening doors of opportunity for people with developmental disabilities. First, I attended a mother/daughter tea where little girls were getting their hair and nails done. They even all had on tiaras and "Princess" sashes. I signed autographs, took pictures and spoke to the girls about dreaming big. The next day, I got to go visit the Warrington Middle School where I spoke to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders about goal setting, character building, and making good choices. They were the best group of students I have ever had the chance to hangout with. They had so many great questions and were very receptive. Next, I had an interview at WEAR-TV where Paula Shugart’s brother, Dan, is the sports director and a local celebrity!! He was awesome and such a gentleman. During my interview I spoke about my year as Miss USA and THEN I got to visit the Naval Air Station at Pensacola where I thanked our military members for their service. That is always one of my favorite things to do as Miss USA. I also got to drive past Paula and Dan’s old house on the base where they lived when their father was the admiral! Thank you, Dan, for taking the time to show me around. You’re the best! That night was the Wreaths of Joy Gala where we raised 200,000 dollars to support programs for people with developmental disabilities. We even got a special Christmas concert by people who have benefitted from ARC Gateway. They were fantastic performers and had the audience singing along!

Now I am packing for my trip to Cannes, France yay!!! I am going with Roston and Stefania. It is my first trip with both of them wahoo!!! We are going to have a blasssst :-)
Have a splendid weekend everyone!

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