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A Thanksgiving Call To Duty

posted by Kristen Dalton at 07:34am on 11/27/2009

Today is Black Friday wahoo!! I hope everyone is out and about scouting deals and stimulating our economy. I know I will be hitting up the discount stores in NYC for more discounts today! I need a web cam, a macbook and, always, more boots and clothes yay! My family is coming in today to celebrate a late Thanksgiving because I am just getting back from Fort Drum. I hope all of you followed my tweets during my trip (twitter.com/therealmissusa)! We are going to see Christmas Spectacular tonight and I am so pumped. It’s an early Christmas present from my parents, great parents I know!

Spending Thanksgiving at Fort Drum with Esther by my side was the best possible way I could have spent the holiday. All of the military members and their families were so warm, spirited and accepting. I also gained a lot of insight in to the training our military goes through by taking a virtual tour of their training facility. I experienced simulated IED explosions, a Hum V capsizing, and used other weapons with unbelievable technology that allows the troops to kick butt. They are so strong, disciplined and intelligent...no wonder we have the best military in the world. The USO planned my entire experience and it was so inspiring to see how dedicated and meaningful a volunteer based, privately funded organization is to so many people.

I hope everyone found thanks in their lives and ways to give back this holiday season! Have a wonderful kickoff week to the Christmas season, and start making your Christmas card lists!!


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