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Action Packed Weekend: Crowning a New Miss TN USA!

posted by Kristen Dalton at 10:32am on 11/13/2009


So I am having a pretty action packed weekend and am writing to you from Houston Int'l Airport. Last night I attended one of the most glamorous galas of the year in support of the Nevada Cancer Institute called Rock for the Cure!  I got to meet Larry King who was such a sweetheart and we presented a 2010 Jaguar to the raffle winner of the evening. The winner was so excited, she was crying. Jay Leno, who is my new favorite comedian for obvious reasons, performed and had the audience rolling the entire time. He was hilarious!

Now I am on my way to crown the new Miss NC USA this weekend and I can't wait to pass it on to someone new. My family is going to be there and I haven't seen them since August so it will be great to talk, hug, and eat together if we are given time. Stay tuned for the new NC titleholders yay!!


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