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The Toughest, Yet Best Part of My Job

posted by Kristen Dalton at 08:43am on 10/16/2009

Hey everyone!

This week has been fun and productive! Last week, the Miss Universe Organization and I partnered with Project Renewal Scan Van, which is a van that visits all 5 Burroughs of NYC and provides free mammography screenings to uninsured and poorly insured women. I worked with the van on Tuesday and Wednesday and I have to tell you that I really feel like I am doing the most important part of my job and making an impact. It is amazing the amount of women that are helped by the van and also the women who just want to stop by and talk to us and tell us their stories. One lady I met was 5 months into recovery from her breast surgery and was supposed to be on a pill that replaced chemotherapy. She is on medicare and they will not help her pay for the pill this month so now she has to pay $450 out of pocket, which means she will not be able to afford her rent. She told us, she hasn't taken her medicine this entire month because she can't afford it and no one will help her. It blows my mind how these things are happening, now she runs the risk of her cancer returning.

Today I am in Chicago for USO events including the USO-Chicago gala! It is my first time here and I can't wait to experience the Windy City. I am with Esther who loves to shop, so she is going to show me the best local shopping!

Don't forget Monday, October 19th is Reigning Pink day so be sure to sport your favorite pink attire in support of breast health! 

Make sure you tune in to Lifetime on Monday the 19th to watch my interview on the Balancing Act, where I will talk about Breast Cancer Awareness and other exciting ventures as Miss USA!

Have a spectacular weekend everyone!

Conduct a self breast exam this week and tell a friend to do the same!



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