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The Jay Leno Show and Washington D.C.

posted by Kristen Dalton at 11:27am on 10/09/2009

This week has been wonderful. I flew out to Los Angeles to make an appearance on The Jay Leno Show, which was an awesome experience. Everyone there was so nice and enjoyable, even Jay gave me some great career advice! After the show, I flew to Raleigh, North Carolina to help celebrate one honoree in each branch of the military at the USO-North Carolina Gala. It was so good to be back with the amazing people of the USO-NC, they are so dedicated and passionate about what they do. It is always inspiring to be with them. Then, I was back in NYC volunteering at Gilda's Club helping to find sponsors and auction items for their Annual Benefit Gala.
Tuesday, I flew to Washington D.C. with Esther for a busy few days. Tuesday night, we sailed on the USS Presidential Sequoia Yacht with branch USO honorees and the USO President and his wife, among others. It was the most fascinating thing to be aboard the same ship our US presidents used to sail on. I even got to see President John F. Kennedy's old chambers and see the hand soap he used haha! The next day, I visited our wounded warriors at Bethesda hospital with country singer, Trace Adkins, and actor, Robert Patrick. It is always so humbling and eye opening to meet these brave men and women and to hear their stories. They are so proud of their service and all have the will power to heal and continue to defend our country. Of course, everyone LOVED Trace Adkins! That night was the National USO Gala and it was absolutely spectacular. Comedian Lewis Black served as emcee and was hilarious, he had the audience rolling all night. Listening to the bios of the honorees was just mind-bowing to hear of the bravery of these young men, but the most touching thing is how supportive their young wives are, and how much their support meant to these servicemen.
Now, I am back in NYC and getting ready for some breast cancer events, including the Avon walk this weekend, yay!
Breast Cancer tip of the week: Know your body, conduct monthly self breast exams and if you feel anything at all is not right, see your doctor. Know your family history, if you have a family history of breast cancer, get a mammogram once a year!
Make sure you are sporting pink!

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