NBC Universal Trump


Andrea Berner
General Counsel and VP of Business Affairs

Annette Cammer
Director, International Licensing

Carlos Fernandez
Manager, Domestic Licensing

Dena Muehlfeld
Director, Digital Multimedia

Emily Panasci
Manager, Talent Development

Esther Swan
Director, Talent Department

Hilary Petrokubi
Supervising Producer, Digital Multimedia

Jackie Shahinian
Director, Public Relations

Jennifer Solar

Karen Pellegrino
Accounting Supervisor

Kendall Lowy
Executive Coordinator, Production & Legal

Larry Parra
Vice President of Finance/CFO

Olivia Giudice
Executive & Licensing Coordinator

Paula M. Shugart

Rachel Frimer
Vice President, Production

Samantha Alhante
Marketing Coordinator

Shawn C. McClain
VP, Business Development & Marketing

Tony Cruz
Director of Information Services & Administration

Tricia Langa
Director, Domestic Licensing

Dorothy Evans