Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2013 - Graham Turner
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Graham Turner

Age: 20

Hometown: Edmond

Height: 5’ 4”


Graham Turner is a junior at Oklahoma Christian School. She is a 4.0 student member of the National Honor Society, and student athletic trainer for her school’s football team. Last year she was awarded by faculty and peers the Shalom Award, “for manifesting the spirit of peace in relationships with others.” She has a love for figure skating, snow skiing, lifting weights and running. She danced for 6 years, and at 14, she fulfilled her dream of taking it to the ice as a figure skater. While that is considered a late start for most, Graham competed in Regional competition after only 8 months of skating.

All of her life, Graham has loved and lived with horses, dogs and cats on her farm home in Oklahoma. She volunteered at the Special Olympics Awards Ceremony and her favorite thing there was getting to dance with some of the participants. Children are among her greatest loves, and at Christmas, Graham helped with My Small Wonders Childcare Center in creating a toy drive box for the delivering of Christmas gifts to the children’s oncology ward at OU Children’s Hospital. A summer employee of the Center, Graham also had the opportunity to read a book to several of their classes about loving who you are.

contestant facts

  1. 1Graham lost 52 pounds over a period of three years, doing it the healthy way, by eating right and exercising regularly.
  2. 2She has figure skated for three years, danced for six years, lifted weights for three years, and run for three years.
  3. 3Graham has lived on a horse farm her entire life.
Quate I think all women go through some stage in their lives where they critique themselves. I believe one of the most difficult challenges for women is accepting themselves for who they were created to be. Quate