Miss Teen USA 2012 - Host - Nick Teplitz
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Nick Teplitz


Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Nick Teplitz moved to Los Angeles with only $5 in his pocket and a dream. That dream was to find an ATM so he could take out some cash from his vast savings and start "living large" again.
A magna cum laude graduate of Temple University, Teplitz has had a plethora of interesting jobs. He's been a standup comedian, a restaurant reviewer in 16 countries across Europe, Executive Director of a 501(c)3 charity, and a personal chef.

But writing has always been his passion. In addition to scripting the Miss Teen USA show for the past five years, Teplitz has been writing the Miss USA and Miss Universe Preliminary shows since 2008. He's a published author, and his work has been seen on NBC, ESPN, GSN and Comedy Central.

Nick currently resides in Manhattan Beach, California, where he manages a popular comedy website he helped create.