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  • Miss Texas Teen USA 2012
  • Miss Texas Teen USA 2012
  • Miss Texas Teen USA 2012


Madison Lee

Age: 21

Hometown: Houston

Language: English


Madison Lee is a senior at Northland Christian School in Houston.  Though comfortable in high heels and rhinestones, Madison states, "I enjoy many outdoor activities, especially hunting and fishing," adding that her favorite magazine is Field and Stream.  However, with a 4.0 GPA, she seems certain of where her future lies as well. Madison plans on going to medical school to become a specialized nurse.
Among Madison's more unusual accomplishments: she has been a tap dancer in an off-Broadway show, is Captain of her cheer squad, runs Anchor on her 4x4 relay team, maintains a spot on the All "A" Honor Roll and has racked up an incredible 300+ community service hours, many as a volunteer for Street Reach Ministries.  Showing an entrepreneurial spirit, Madison has a small baking business where she makes 'cake pops' for private parties and any special event.

The most important words that Madison lives by are,  "Be all there."   She defines this motto as, "being able to be in the moment no matter what you are doing. No matter how many directions you are pulled in, no matter what is happening around you, take time to stop and take it all in."    She adds, "be able to treat someone as your only priority--as if they are the only person in the room at that moment."

fun facts

  1. 1Madison can ride a unicycle.
  2. 2Madison can impersonate Jim Carey's character in the film "The Grinch."
  3. 3Madison's favorite food is cinnamon dolce Dutch chocolate yogurt.
Quate They say, 'If you love what you do--you'll never feel like you are working.'  With the honor of being Miss Texas Teen USA, I give it my all by inspiring others to never give up on their Big Texas dreams.  If being Miss Texas Teen USA were my real job, I would want to keep it forever and never retire. Quate