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Packing Up...

posted by Stevi Perry at 08:13am on 06/29/2009

Hey Guys! This week I have been going through a lot of my things at my house in Arkansas that I don't need anymore. From clothes to just junk that I have collected over the years in my room, I have been cleaning out everything. After I give my crown away on July 31st, I will move home for 3 months before school starts up again. We are currently cleaning everything out so I can move all of my new things home for a little while. Once again, home is amazing and it still feels great being around familiar faces for a while. When I go back to NY on the 12th, I will only have a week and a few days to pack up all of my things. I'm kind of nervous because it will be cutting things real short, but luckily I don’t have that much left in NY.  

Well, I am about to jump in the shower. Have a great weekend.    

Xoxo, SP

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