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Last Week of Classes at NYFA

posted by Kamie Crawford at 07:49am on 01/24/2011

Hello Universe :)

This was my final week at the New York Film Academy :( While learning at the Academy has been fun, I feel that in order to jumpstart my dream career as a dermatologist it is time for me to take classes that will gear towards that goal. Ending my semester at the Film Academy was a little emotional! I'm going to miss being in classes with the same 11 people everyday. We became like a family! Go Section G :)

We had our final monologue presentation this week and we all did absolutely amazing! I’m so proud of us all and I wish my classmates all the best of luck in their acting endeavors :)

Starting next week I will be attending Manhattanville College in Upstate New York where I will begin taking English, sociology and math classes! I'm really excited and I can't wait for classes to start!


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