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Check out the MUO Holiday Video!

posted by Kamie Crawford at 01:01pm on 12/13/2010

Hey everybody!

I am so excited this week because the MUO holiday video is up on MissTeenUSA.com!!!! Click here to check it out. It was SO much fun to film with Rima and Ximena. I love being with them because there is always laughter :) I can see that people have mixed emotions about the video, but I'd really like to clarify something for everyone. Our holiday video was not an audition tape for “America's Got Talent,” “American Idol,” or any other show that requires you to have an extremely talented voice or anything like that. It was a video meant to be entertaining, cheesy and FUN!! :)

Beauty queens sometimes forget that the point of the whole experience as a state or national titleholder is to enjoy yourself! Make the time worth it!! I want to be able to look back on my experience as being Miss Teen USA as an enjoyable one, and I know my sisters Rima and Ximena feel the very same way about their titles.

Regardless of what anyone might say, we had an AWESOME time and have literally watched that video a million times lol. Shout out to our web team for being so amazing and letting us show off our personalities for everyone to see!!  :)

(To those of you who weren't really feeling the video, give it another chance ;) You may like it the second time!)


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