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Supporting Same Sky

posted by Kamie Crawford at 02:37pm on 10/21/2010

Hey everybody!

So this week was both busy and a lot of fun! On Tuesday I attended an event benefiting Casita Maria, the first charitable organization to serve the Hispanic population in New York City. On Thursday I attended the 2010 Orphaned Starfish Gala which helped raise funds to help orphans develop vocational skills in Latin American countries. I met some really great people at both events and had an awesome time.

Later in the week I met with Francine LeFrak, the founder of Same Sky Bracelets. If you don't know about Same Sky I HIGHLY encourage you to log on to www.SameSky.com and check them out. I am a huge fan and long time supporter of their jewelry. It is such an easy way to help women in Rwanda who are trying to rebuild their lives after surviving the 1994 genocide, just by purchasing a bracelet! What a rewarding buy! I have 10 Same Sky pieces already and the number just keeps going up. I love it! :) I hope to one day meet some of these hardworking women to tell them how amazing they really are and how proud I am of them. I hope my work with Same Sky will inspire YOU to help make a difference in these women's lives. Log on to www.SameSky.com and buy a bracelet or a wrap today! Trust me, it gets addicting! Lol

Talk to you next week!



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