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My Pink Panther, Colin Powell and NBC Experience Experience

posted by Stevi Perry at 07:11pm on 02/06/2009

Hey guys! This week the girls and I were pretty busy. This past Tuesday we attended the Pink Panther 2 premiere. I barely watched the first Pink Panther, so I really wanted to see this one. It was actually really good. The following day the girls and I went to the NBC Experience Store and had an autograph signing for our fans. After that I got to co-host a high school news show for NBC and it turned out well. Later that evening we attended the "Aid of the World" gala with General Colin Powell. It was a real neat experience. They held the dinner in a museum and General Powell came and visited with us. He is a real intelligent and respected man, but also a man full of character. He joked with us about being in front of the camera all of the time. He stated that it was our job, but it wasn't his and he hides every way possible. Haha! I could only imagine. Friday the girls and I had a photo shoot with Fadil. He is so amazing at his work and it is always so fun working with him. Well, that's all for now. I'm about to hit the gym. Have a great weekend. Xoxo, SP

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