Miss Kansas Teen USA 2014 - Claire-Bailey Lee
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  • Miss Kansas TEEN USA 2014
  • Miss Kansas TEEN USA 2014
  • Miss Kansas TEEN USA 2014
  • Miss Kansas TEEN USA 2014


Claire-Bailey Lee

Age: 17

Hometown: Andover

Height: 5’ 9”


Claire-Bailey Lee was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas on September 5, 1998. She lived in Fayetteville until she was 3-years-old at which time her family relocated to Wichita, Kansas. She's lived in Wichita since the and loves Kansas. She immediately enrolled in Wichita Collegiate School where she attended until the middle of her 8th grade year. She competed in multiple sports and acted in several productions and theatre groups. In the middle of her 8th grade year, she transferred to Andover Middle School. There she participated in basketball, volleyball, track and became involved in her favorite sport, cheerleading. She excelled at all lettering in each. She was crowned Miss Kansas Teen USA in December of 2013. This new title with all of the attending responsibilities forced her to finish her freshman year in Andover E-Cademy online so that she may fulfill her responsibilities while maintaining excellence.

contestant facts

  1. 1Claire-Bailey plays the tuba.
  2. 2Miss Kansas Teen USA was only Claire-Bailey's second pageant.
  3. 3Claire-Bailey's mother was Miss Kansas USA 1986. She competed in the MISS USA pageant with Halle Berry who was first-runner up that year.