Miss Universe China 2012 - Ji Dan Xu

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Ji Dan Xu

Age: 24

Hometown: Shanghai


Ji Dan Xu grew up in JiLin Province where she was raised by her grandmother and 11 cousins.  She has been dancing since the age of 6, with a special love for the Flamenco form.  She’s played piano since the age of 3 and has competed on a national level.  Ji Dan Xu loves traveling, baking, and women’s fashion.  One day she hopes to have her own fashion brand.

contestant facts

  1. 1Ji Dan Xu has degrees in Fashion Design, Culinary Arts, and Business Management.
  2. 2One time, Ji Dan Xu got to appear on stage with Jackie Chan and singer Song Zu Ying.
  3. 3Ji Dan Xu’s latest hobby is deep sea diving.
Quate In 10 years I hope to be traveling the world empowering women to be all they can be.  I want to teach them to embrace their beauty while embarking on a fulfilling life. Quate