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Bolivia & Argentina

posted by Dayana Mendoza at 07:37am on 05/26/2009

Hi all! This week has been non-stop from the beginning! Right after arriving home from the Dominican Republic, I left immediately the next day to Bolivia for the pageant (which was held in Sucre). The opening of the show was beautiful, they showed all the traditions from each province and their typical costumes as well. Everybody was so hot! It was beautiful to see that after so many years they still keep their culture and fight for it. It was a very nice experience, I love Bolivia :). From Bolivia I went straight to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I had interviews the second I stepped off the plane until very late at night. I've been drinking Mate, and I love it!!! It makes me feel ingratiated with the Argentinean culture. I hope I have the chance to try more common Argentinean things. This Saturday we are flying to Mar De Plata where Miss Universe Argentina is going to be held, and I can't wait!!!! I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day Weekend!!! :)

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