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Miami Fashion Week & Guantanamo Bay

posted by Dayana Mendoza at 05:00pm on 03/20/2009

This week I did some paper work at the office, and on Wednesday I went to a Latin club, where Jorge Villamizar (the Bacilos's singer) was playing. I got to meet all the guys from the band, and we took some great pictures! They were very nice. I had a great time it was fun to listen to Latin music for a while. The next day we were flying to Miami for Fashion Week, and so I did interviews for CNN en Espanol, and for some South American networks. I was soooo happy first of all because I saw my friends from Miami, and second of all cause I spoke Spanish the whole time :)!!!! Patricia Manterola was also there, it was such an honor to meet her and see how humble and nice see is. We all walked on the runway for Nicolas Felizola, a great Venezuelan designer. I was wearing a Wedding dress! (I still hope to get married one day hahaha) It was gorgeous!!! Nicolas was amazing to us. We had fun doing it, thanks Nicolas :) !!!! On Friday, we left for Jacksonville for one night because the next day we were going to Guantanamo, Cuba!!!! Wow, my job is amazing!!!! I love it, I let you guys know next week how Guantanamo was .... Muah!

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