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My TV Appearance

posted by Dayana Mendoza at 01:09pm on 04/09/2009

I got to see my friends from GMHC this week, I was very glad to be there with them again, they are amazing to me and I always have fun with them. Today, it hurts to walk hahaha. My trainer Kevin made me work out a lot this week, and I do love that, but I don’t like the pain in the morning when I have to wake up so much :p. On Thursday I went to L.A. to shoot for the TV show called The Mun2 Hook Up, and I’m sure it is going to be fun to watch. I hope they show everything that we did. I shared stories and experiences with a beautiful Latin girl who is into pageants as well. She had to learn my job as a spokesperson for different organizations for HIV/AIDS and she had to pay attention to what I said because she had to give a 3 minute speech at the end of the day. We also played with outfits by JC Penney, and a photographer took pictures of her with each of the outfits. I’m not going to tell everything because you guys have to watch it. I love my job, I won’t get tired because it is just leisure. I had a good time :)

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