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Searching for Beyonce at the BETs

posted by Kamie Crawford at 12:28pm on 06/27/2011

Hey everyone!

I'm blogging you from LA right now, the hometown of our new Miss USA! Congrats to my girl Alyssa Campanella! I'm ECSTATIC to be here because.... I am going to be attending the 2011 BET Awards!!!!!!!!!!! And guess who is going to be there! ... Go ahead.... Guess :) ..... If you guessed Beyonce, YOU'RE RIGHT! :D I am thrilled and I seriously hope I can at least catch a glimpse of my role model and inspiration. Pray for me y’all!

Rima's gone and I miss her already :( It's hard becoming soooo close to someone and then you stop seeing them as much as you normally would. I know that Rima, Ximena and I will always be sisters and I'm positive that Alyssa is going to fit in great with the MUO Family :) Everyone wish her the best and congratulate her on twitter @TheRealMissUSA!


Kamie Crawford

(P.S. My reign is almost over! Has it really been a year already!? So hard to believe! To keep up with my life after the crown, follow me on twitter @TheRealKamie :) I'd love to hear from you!)

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