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Thank you for your support!

posted by Rima Fakih at 11:22am on 05/16/2011

Hello Miss Universe Organization Fans,


I want to start by thanking you all for being loyal fans and for reading our blogs. Your support for me, Ximena and Kamie is what keeps us going!


Many of you have watched or heard that I was a contestant on WWE’s reality show ‘Tough Enough.” On the third episode we were challenged to learn and present a public cheerleading dance. It wasn’t as easy as it looks! Well this week I was invited to be a judge for the NY Jets Cheerleading Tryouts! I was so excited and had butterflies when I ran onto the Jets field…IN MY HEELS! LOL


Unfortunately, I received bad news this week. My mother was in a car accident! At first I was in disbelief and very afraid. My family was trying to comfort me and tell me she was ok, but I could not be away from her at a time like that. I decided to go home to see her. Everyone at the Miss Universe Organization was very helpful and supportive of my decision. I am happy and relieved to say that my mother is doing well and was sent home from the hospital. It made me so happy to see her smile when I walked up to her bed. 


I can’t thank you all enough for the comforting tweets and messages I received this week. Your support through this hard time is appreciated! I love you all so much!


God Bless,

Rima Fakih


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