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I'm Back!

posted by Rima Fakih at 01:00pm on 03/28/2011


Hey Guys!


I missed all of you so much! I was away for a month shooting WWE's reality show "Tough Enough" in Simi Valley, California. I think you will all enjoy watching me compete against 13 people in crazy challenges and battling it out in the wrestling ring. I have been a WWE fan since the age of 9, so this has been an amazing opportunity for me. Make sure you watch the “Tough Enough” season premiere on Monday, April 4th on the USA Network at 11/10 PM CT.


It was so nice to come back to my sash and crown this week. I got right back to work, even though I was a bit worried how I would look on the red carpet with all of my bruises from the challenges! :)


My first week back was filled with interviews, shooting my video blog and traveling to Washington D.C. for the American Task Force for Lebanon Gala. Now I'm packing for the Fallen & Wounded Soldiers event in Michigan. Even though I’m super busy, I hope I have time to stop home for some of my mother's amazing food...mmmm!



Hugs & Kisses,




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