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Busy As Ever in a Snowy New York!

posted by Rima Fakih at 07:11am on 01/17/2011

Hello All!

I had a great week! Earlier in the week I was invited to a private party for Kevin Spacey. Mr. Spacey was kind enough to chat with me and give me advice on becoming a successful actress. I will never forget his amazing performance in the movie “American Beauty” and in so many others.
I was worried about the snow storm warning hitting New York City on Wednesday night. However Ximena and I made the best out of it by renting movies, making dinner and having a warm ladies night. I love living with Ximena!
I enjoy updating my twitter (@TheRealMissUSA) with my daily activities and thoughts. I wrote a comment from the heart today that stated: "Hey ladies of #MissUSA 2011! I can't wait to meet you! Go HARD for my crown because it is worth so much in life." The reason for my tweet had so much to do with the smile I have on my face EVERY DAY when I remember how amazing my life has been since May 16, 2010.
Have a blessed weekend everyone!
Rima Fakih

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