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Bicentenario: 200 years of Independence

posted by Ximena Navarrete at 02:43pm on 09/17/2010

Hello everyone! How are you?

This week started with a cancellation! I can’t believe it! It was the final of the US open and we were all very excited about the match because two great tennis players were going against one another looking for the Cup. The match was between Nadal and Djokovic. We were waiting for the game to start and then all of a sudden… RAIN! It began raining so hard that the game had to be postponed until the next day.

On Monday morning it was finally time to go home! The night before I was too anxious to fall asleep. I was so excited thinking about going back to my country, Mexico, and eating the food I love, smelling the scents I like, speaking Spanish and best of all, seeing my family again!!

The first day was crazy! As soon as I walked outside of the baggage claim I was received by a lot of people. There were so many that I couldn’t even walk! After that I arrived at my hotel where I had a little time to get changed before one of my busiest agendas began. That same day I had a meeting with the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, and his wife, Margarita. It was a very interesting meeting where we talked about many different things like the pageant, the bicentenary celebrations, my plans for the future and how beautiful our country is.

The week was full of surprises! I had a really nice welcome party where friends gathered to celebrate our victory. I also had several different interviews on shows such as Noticiero con Joaquin Lopez Dóriga, NX, Primero Noticias con Carlos Loret de Mola, Netas Divinas, Hoy and many others. I also had a chance of visiting charity organizations such as Teleton, Casa Hogar de niñas ayuda y solidaridad and CIENI (an HIV research and treatment hospital).  These visits were very nice because they reflected the true spirit of the Miss Universe Organization and the crown that I am wearing right now.

On Wednesday September 15th I attended the official celebrations of 200 years of independence from Mexico. They were held at the Palacio Nacional and the Zócalo and over one million people attended! The celebration consisted of fireworks, a parade and beautiful projections on the Cathedral. It was amazing and made me feel very, very proud of being a Mexican woman and sharing this honor with every Mexican around the world.

The trip to Mexico is not over yet, so make sure you come back next week to see what other surprises are coming!


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