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Visit to Mexico

posted by Stefania Fernandez at 05:25pm on 05/02/2010

Hello, Everyone!  This week I was in Mexico for the San Marcos fair in the city of Aguascalientes.  As soon as I arrived to Mexico, I went to the rehearsal for the crowning of the new queen of Aguascalientes.  After that we had a dinner with Governor, LUIS ARMANDO REYNOSO.  The next day, early in the morning, I had the opportunity to meet 15 titleholders from Mexico, and had a breakfast with the local media.  I really enjoyed the breakfast because I got the chance to talk about my upcoming trips, and about my work for people living with HIV.  After breakfast, we visited Governor Reynoso at the Government Palace where they have a bunch of beautiful walls painted with the history of Aguascalientes.  Afterwards, we had a cocktail party where I had the opportunity to take pictures with all the people that organized the event.  Finally, we had the coronation ceremony - where curiously, all the Misses, including me, were dressed in blue!  It was a beautiful ceremony, with fireworks and everything.  When it was over, we went to the event's after-party where the queens and princesses of the fair celebrated with their families.  The next morning we went to the Young Artist National Gala Marcos Fair Grounds and we formally opened the San Marcos' Fair after we had lunch with Governor Reynoso and his guests.  For the last part of my trip to Mexico, I went to a bullfight and cockfight – although, I must confess that I kept my hands covering my eyes the whole time because I don't like these sorts of things.

Upon my arrival back to New York, I found myself with the surprise that sadly my trip to Rwanda was cancelled due to the volcano eruption in Iceland.  But instead, I went to the Health Corps Gala where we raised funds to help fight childhood obesity and at last, I went to an Earth Day Event.  I rested this weekend to prepare myself for my trip to Puerto Rico for the Billboard Latin Music Awards!



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