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The Beginning of the End

posted by Dayana Mendoza at 07:42am on 08/20/2009

Hi everyone! I'm still here in the Bahamas having as much fun as I can in my last days as Miss Universe. Atlantis has so much to do that it's easy to spend so much time here and never get bored! I’ve been enjoying the beach, lazy river, all the water slides and even the gym haha. Last Sunday, I got the chance to host the preliminary competition and it was really an unbelievable feeling because being there reminded me so much of when I was competing last year. How quickly the time flies… but it was a great opportunity to host the show and I had a lot of fun doing it. Well, I don’t have many days left so I have to squeeze every last second out of it I can… off to some interviews! Stay tuned for my final blog as Miss Universe this weekend…


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